Bosch Back to Base Alarm Solution

Bosch Solution 16 Plus

Multiple zoning alarm system

The Bosch Solution 16Plus provides the perfect alarm system for multiple zoning areas.

Comprising of 16 zones either wired or wireless, the system has capabilities for motion sensors, door and window contacts and smoke detectors.

It has an easy to read code pad and easy text menu and provides a multitude of features such as partitioning to different zoned areas, remote telephone arming and alarm memory recall to name a few.

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Key Features

  • 16 wired or wireless zones for security devices such as motion sensors, door and window contacts, smoke detectors etc.
  • Easy to read code pad
  • Easy text menu control
  • ON & PART arming modes
  • Partitioning to multiple areas eg. upstairs, downstairs, garage, granny flat, garden shed etc.
  • System indicators - AC fail & system troubles
  • Chime feature on user selectable zones
  • Remote arming via the telephone
  • Walk test mode
  • Alarm memory recall
  • Code pad panic and duress
  • 2 entry timers

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What's In The Kit

  • Solution 16 plus Panel and Metal Panel Box
  • Ultima RF Receiver Kit including 2 x Remote Pendants (RF3212E)
  • Accessory Kit (K007)
  • Ultima E RF Pir's x 2 (RF940E)

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