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The new concept – Three mechanisms for more security

The Lockwood MT5+ Restricted Key System is at the forefront of mechanical locking system security.


Protected by key patents, and with the development of Lockwood’s revolutionary Alpha Spring, Telescopic Pin and Locking Bar Technology, the MT5+ System is the perfect system for your business or establishment.


The unique Alpha spring is embedded into the tip of the key and it creates a shear line as engages a pin at the back of the cylinder. The telescopic pins and locking bar are engaged by the patented MT5+ key. Each key consists of two separate cuts, the milled pattern which interacts with the locking bar and the other set of cuts interacts with the telescopic pins. These features provide a strong, durable and virtually tamper free security system.

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The new MT5 locking system is patent protected until 2025, achieving patent protection well into the future.


The mechanical locking system offers a high technical key copy protection. Also See Lockwood’s Access Control System Kit for extra protection in your space.

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Highest Level of Protection against Illegal Key Duplication

Lockwood MT5 Keys & Locks provide the highest possible level of protection against illegal key duplication via the following three technical features.

  • Alpha Spring

    At the tip of the key is a revolutionary mobile interacting spring - the alpha spring. The alpha spring engages a unique pin at the rear of the cylinder mechanism creating another shear-line.

  • Telescopic Pin

    This new generation product is also based on a new configuration telescopic pin technology.

  • Locking Bar

    Correct alignment of the locking bar pins depends upon the correct combination key being inserted into the cylinder. The milled pattern which runs along the length of the key interacts with top bar horizontal pins, creating the required shear-line.

Lockwood MT5 originals are hard to copy

All MT5 products have a double-sided unique MT5 key. One set of cuts are for the telescopic pin mechanism and the other cut, the milled pattern, is for the locking bar in the MT5+ products. The MT5+ combination provides enhanced key security and a higher manipulation resistance.

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