Master Key Systems & High Security Locks

A Master Key System is an integral part of any business' security. It allows access to individuals or groups of key holders, only to certain specific areas of a building. Each specific area would contain a unique cylinder/lock accessible by certain keys, but not others.

We have a number of different types of Master Key and Restricted Key Systems, Keyed Alike Locks available to purchase online and save. Upon receiving an order we will confirm compatibility of components prior to manufacturing.

Do you want to achieve the very best high-security?

Our commercial high security locks and master key systems provide you longest possible design patent available, and therefore giving the best return on investment. Let us contact you to get your details!

Recommended commercial high security locks & master key systems

Important points to consider when choosing a master key system

  • Company / Supplier Stability
  • Design Patent
  • Security Level of Key System
  • Accessibility of Parts
  • Budget
  • Size and/or Complexity of Key System
  • Click here to read in details about how to choose the right master key system.

Patented Locks and Design Patent

Patented Locks and Key Control Systems have been chosen by millions of clients in many countries who are seeking a high level security key system.

The Patented Locks provide enhanced key control and the very best high-security solution by the Design Patent. What is Design Patent? The design patent is the protection of the key profile's design or the patented key system's design features. The patent life is the length of time under protection that the key system has left to run on the patented design. When the design of a patented key system has run out then other manufacturers can start producing the key blanks and parts which increases the possibility of someone duplicating your keys. To achieve the very best high-security the Patented Locks and high level master key systems require a dedicated machine just for that type of key system. This will restrict other people from duplicating your keys well beyond the end of a design patent expiring. Our patented locks and locking systems are patent protected for decades, achieving reliable patent protection well into the future.

Industrial and Commercial Locks / Locking Systems

The Industrial and Commercial Locks of Barrenjoey Locksmiths have been servicing the security needs of businesses and many industry sectors since 1975.

We have set the highest standards for Industrial Locks and Security Systems and we have an unprecedented understanding of the requirement that these commercial and industry sectors must adhere to. At Barrenjoey Locksmiths we are continuously keeping our high security Commercial and Industrial Key Systems up to date, giving you the longest possible design patent available, and therfore giving the best return on investment.

Since we are experts in Commercial and Industrial Locksmithing and Keyed Alike Locks throughout Australia and New Zealand we can manage your Industrial Locks and Alarm Systems for every commercial sectors giving piece of mind that you have to deal with only one reputable locksmith. A few of the Commercial sectors in which we provide Industrial Locking Solutions and High Security Locks:

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